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Deepwater Horizon Settlement

BP is deliberately stalling the Deepwater Horizon settlement so as to evade paying up to the individuals whose lives they ruined; this is inexcusable and it is certainly not going to dampen the claimants spirits, that much they should know. In fact, recapping from the recent developments, the oil giant is suffering bewildering blows with each passing day. How they manage to relentlessly champion their scrupulous agenda is a wonder. They have made numerous attempts to seek a court order barring any further settlement payments and fortunately all requests up until now have been denied. The turmoil they created has grown into a tornado in their own backyard; a portion of their funds are being redistributed among residents in the Gulf Coast, and they are doing everything they can to keep as much money as possible in their pockets. To date, BP Oil has been compelled to part with monies topping up to 25 billion dollars. Putting that into prospective the company made roughly 22.2 billion dollars in gross income in 2012. They are a big company that made a big mistake. Taking a look at their numbers, they certainly have the funds to atone for the damage they caused yet they continue to try and dissolve the very settlement they put in place. If they do put the BP settlement to an end, it will not go down without a fight. The true aftermath of this disaster is yet to be seen, and will be for years to come.

Barbier and Juneau Fight to Uphold the Deepwater Horizon Settlement

On August 14th 2013, U.S Magistrate Sally Shushan ruled in favor of claimants. BP had filed to challenge the figures presented to them by the Claims Administrator describing them as lacking in substance. They had obviously pictured themselves sweeping the judge off her feet by employing their distasteful charms; however, the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is to advance as usual. By now they should have already paid the 130 million dollars owed to the settlement administrator. Justice is a path they will have to tread and be vigilant not to overstep the bounds; our current societal setting leaves no room for barbaric acts and insipidity.

The sentiments by this celebrated heroine have been echoed by Judge Barbier of the Fifth District Court albeit in a different terminology; he is consistently refusing to halt all settlements and rightly so. BP�s issues with the Claims Administrator, Juneau, and Judge Barbier are that they are misinterpreting the whole settlement. They claim this misinterpretation is forcing them to lose billions of dollars to businesses due to their tailored estimates�. This kitchen is getting too hot for BP and the faster they get out of it, the better for them. The Deepwater Horizon Settlement scheme is siphoning millions out of them every week and there is no telling how long their wars will last before they realize that they lost the their stake the moment their vessel let out its contents into the sea. Judge Barbier is convinced that the residents and business entrepreneurs of the Gulf Coast have to continue receiving their settlements; continuing operations within the Deepwater Horizon settlement is the way that BP can make up for the damage they caused.

The Time to File a Claim is Now!

In the spirit of giving unto Caesar what is Caesar�s, the legal system in this great country has proved itself beyond any questionable doubts. The Deepwater Horizon settlement will proceed as earlier detailed and the affected individuals will have their fair chance at a claim under the guidelines of the settlement. With only limited time remaining to file all claims, get a free assessment today to find out if you are indeed eligible to receive compensation.

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BP Settlement News

As former FBI Director Louis Freeh continues an investigation of alleged fraud occurring behind the scenes of the court supervised settlement program, the Attorney’s for BP have asked for a temporary suspension on all payments until this internal investigation has been resolved.  This BP Settlement News was reported July 16, 2013.

What does this mean for the claimants? If BP’s request is granted, those who have received offers may have their payments stalled indefinitely. This also means that claims that are pending, or under review, may have to wait longer to eventually receive a settlement.

Why is BP doing this?

It seems they will do just about anything to stall payment to their claimants.

BP Settlement Process

First the claim gets filed, and then its sits in the Deepwater Horizon review process for up to six months. At this point, the settlement issues an incompleteness notice. It may be asking for one missing pay stub, or a breakdown of expenses from monthly profit and loss statements. This is a road block, it is frustrating and discouraging and that is BP’s intent. After the claimant submits the missing documentation, the claim goes back into the queue, waiting to begin review again. BOOM, another three months go by and the claim receives a follow-up incompleteness notice, asking for more missing documentation, or even worse, documentation that has already been submitted. What BP is ultimately trying to do is stall payment.

If the claim passes causation and has complete and valid documentation that meets the guidelines of the settlement, it will likely receive an eligibility notice. BUT, BP still may issue an appeal on the notice for any number of reasons. These can include calculation errors in the settlements accounting, issues with tax reconciliation, inconsistencies and anomalies in financial data and the list goes on and on. Most of the claims BP Appeals are valid payable claims that again, they are just trying to stall payment on. The appeal process is frustrating and slow moving, it can last over six months.

What BP is doing is unfair. Why are they trying to stall payment? They figure the more road blocks they throw at claimants, the more frustration and aggravation they will cause, which eventually leads many people to throw in the towel on their claims. This is exactly what they want. They have not made the claims process easy, they have made it nearly impossible. The longer their money sits in the bank, the longer it will collect interest, so they can continue to pay their share holders.

BP has continually tried to eliminate certain categories of claimants from the settlement, even though they are the ones who created these settlement guidelines. In my opinion, there is not one type of business that has not been affected either directly or indirectly by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident. Those that made their living on the water were the most hard hit, while businesses that depended on tourism and the patronage of locals were no longer producing the revenue of the past.

All we can do is hope BP’s request does not get approved; these claimants have been waiting long enough to get the help they need to get back on their feet. BP still has a long way to go when it comes to rebuilding the environment and economy they destroyed; eventually they will have to pay. Check back regularly for the most updated BP Settlement News, or visit our sister site here.

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During 2010, many businesses along the Gulf Coast would undoubtedly report they suffered economic trouble as a direct result of the BP Oil spill incident.  To this day these businesses may still be wondering if they are eligible to receive compensation through the Deepwater Horizon Economic Settlement.

How much can they receive, and what determines that amount? Do they even qualify?  Professionals that understand the BP Settlement, can answer these questions.

Be aware that time is running out to file all claims. The deadline is April 22nd 2014, just a few days away from the 4 year anniversary of the spill.

Businesses along the Gulf Coast which have financial documentation dating from the beginning of 2007 or even 2009 to the end of 2011 could be very good candidates to file claims to the settlement.The Deepwater Horizon Settlement compares certain months from the time before the spill, to those same months in 2010, and then to those same months in 2011.

BP Settlement Revenue Patterns

If revenue went down in 2010 and came back up in 2011, the business will likely qualify for compensation. This dip in income in 2010 compared to the years before and years after, is referred to as the V-shaped revenue pattern.

The losses in 2010 will be used to determine the claims eligibility and the amount of expected compensation.  The amount of loss which must be evidenced depends upon which Zone the business’ address falls within, based on a map created by the BP Settlement. Certain businesses in Zone A don’t need to follow a specific revenue pattern, just show a loss in 2010, while businesses in Zone C will need to show a loss of 8.5 percent in the 2010 period followed by a pick-up of 5 percent in the 2011 period.  Businesses in Zone D need to show a 15 percent drop in 2010, followed by a 10 percent boost in 2011.

While many offices that handle BP Claims offer a quick calculation to see which businesses qualify and which do not, many experts recommend having complete paperwork to present to a professional for a more accurate review. The full necessary paperwork and an in depth review may show extreme differences in outcome as compared to an initial calculation based solely on monthly revenue.

Companies that went out of businesses, or were not in operation until after 2007, may still be eligible to file claims. Most of these businesses will need more extensive supporting documentation to prove causation, or to prove that their loss was a direct result of the aftermath of the oil spill and not just a result of a downturn in the economy. Specialists believe that the best candidates to file claims are businesses which were in operation prior to 2007 and are still operating today.

We Assist The Following Clients with the BP Settlement:

  • CPA Firms
  • Business Owners
  • Individuals
  • Law Firms
  • VOO Claimants
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Anyone with a valid BP Settlement Claim

If you need assistance please fill out our form, and we will be happy to help you.

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We offer Assistance with DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims.

If you are a Business Claimant we offer a Confidential Analysis of your claim.

  • We have over 300 Highly trained CPA`s and Attorney`s.
  • We are responsible for more then 300 Million Dollars worth of paid BP Claims.
  • We have over 2 Billion Dollars worth of Claims in the BP Settlement.
  • We have the leading Authorities in the Industry working with Us.
  • We process claims for many of the Leading Law Firms and CPA Firms.

We can work Directly for you.

We handle the following types of DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims

  • Business Economic Loss Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims, they can still be filed.
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Property Claims
  • Appealed Claims
  • Individual Economic Loss Claims
  • We specialize in Large Loss Claims

Our Fee structure ranges from 15%-25%, there are no hidden fees.

We don`t get Paid until you Do.

We are proud partners of the BPClaims.org Network.

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DeepWater Horizon Settlement

What exactly is the DeepWater Horizon Settlement? Initially the Gulf Coast Claims Facility organization was responsible for providing affected businesses and individuals with compensation from damages and loss of business and income due to the oil spill disaster that occurred in April of 2010.

The GCCF was later shutdown and the Deepwater Horizon Settlement took over with an entirely different set of guidelines.  Initially what the Gulf Coast Claims Facility did was try to pay most people off, especially those that were the most immediately effected such as fisherman and those in the seafood industry. They offered claimants measly amounts of money on the contingency that they would seek no more compensation from the settlement in the future. Most people had lost so much and were so desperate that they took this “quick-pay” and waived their right to sue BP or file future claims ever again.

It is not known what guidelines they were using in regards to their payouts.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Guidelines

With the Deepwater Horizon Settlement it is still possible to file a claim if the business or individual never signed the final payment documents and waived their right to sue in the future. They have set parameters, zones and multipliers to determine the validity of the claim and the amount of compensation to be awarded based upon the area the business or individual fell in and the supporting documentation provided with the claim.

Who is able to submit a claim to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement? The Economic and Property Damages (“E&PD”) Settlement Class includes people, businesses, and other entities in the states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, and certain counties in Texas and Florida, that were harmed by the oil spill.

A business is Zone A simply needs to exhibit a loss of revenue, evidenced by their business tax returns, because the land in zone A was located the most closely to the spill itself.  For businesses in Zone B, C and D, the ideal pattern to show would be the V-Shaped Revenue Trend.

The V trend is a revenue decline in the 2010 compensation period, compared to the same months in the benchmark period, followed by increased revenues in the same months of 2011. A business that is either in Zone A needs only some basic documentation. They meet causation and do not need more extensive documentation as compared to businesses that fall under the Modified V-trend and the Decline only trend.

Individuals who saw a loss of wages in 2010 will need to provide yearly tax and pay period information along with statements from employers stating the individual’s loss was directly related to the spill to prove a valid claim.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Assistance

We have experienced claims consultants and executives on board and are one of the largest Deepwater Horizon Settlement preparers in the business. We will painstakingly assess your claims and documents to ensure their validity and that you receive the maximum compensation for your losses. Simply fill out the form on the left and we will contact you to get the process of filing your claim started today. The deadline to file all claims is vastly approaching, pursue your DeepWater Horizon Settlement immediately.

We will Help your BP Claims and Beyond

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The tragic Deepwater Horizon oil spill that sparked the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Claims has recently passed the two-year anniversary mark, with many individuals and businesses still suffering in its aftermath. Impact has been huge on much of the region in the Gulf of Mexico. This impact includes the marine and wildlife as well as the livelihood of so many people and companies. In fact, this BP oil spill is one of the USA’s worst ever environmental disasters!

Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims were about to start

When this environmental tragedy began to unfold in April 2010, no one had any idea of the extent of the damage that would occur. In fact, no one could have known that it would take almost three months until the gush of oil could be capped and stopped. It is estimated that up to 5 million barrels of crude oil were released into this beautiful part of the world during this period two years ago.

Over the ensuing weeks and months the oil spread throughout the region impacting greatly on animals, marine life, birds and the natural habitat. Since this tragedy occurred in 2010 various task forces and advisory teams have been set up to ensure that all is being done to recreate a healthy eco-system and environment around the Gulf Coast. The clean up operation after the Macondo incident has cost many billions of dollars due to the large volume of crude oil that escaped and the vast area that it contaminated.

Industries such as fisheries and tourism were also hard hit. Many businesses were not able to operate as usual and have lost significant amounts of their income. A lot of the workers for these businesses have also lost their jobs and income as well due to the extent of the oil spill. The number of lives, families and businesses that have been affected is huge! It is not like the tragedy occurred and was all over in a few weeks. Rather the ongoing impact has wreaked havoc for many of these local businesses for extended periods. Many are in the process of submitting their Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims. It has been encouraging to see tourism in the region getting back on its feet, but this does not minimize the detrimental impact that the Deepwater horizon spill caused.

The five US States that have been affected include Texas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. Deepwater Horizon Settlement Legal claims are being submitted at this point in time by both businesses and individuals that have been adversely impacted by the fall-out of this environmental disaster. Those individuals who have lost income, wages, bonuses, commissions or hours of work, due to the BP oil disaster, are now lodging compensation claims for the losses that they incurred.

A large number of businesses that were negatively affected in these five States are also seeking legal compensation from the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. For many of these business owners the settlement payout will not come soon enough! The difficulties and heartache that have been endured due to the oil spill may not be forgotten, but at least the compensation will help those affected to move more confidently into the future. Businesses may be able to be strengthened and re-established or in some cases new businesses may be launched instead.

Deepwater Horizon Settlement Medical Claims

There is also the issue of health of those in and around the effected area. BP is monitoring those with health concerns that have been linked to this oil spill tragedy. It is not only birds, animals and marine life that have been impacted, but humans are also suffering the ill effects of the toxic crude oil that flooded the region. Although there have not been a large number of significant illnesses related to the oil spill, residents of the Gulf Coast have been happy to know that their health complaints are being taken seriously.

The areas that have been affected by the BP spill have been broken down in regards to the severity of the impact that occurred in that location. It is also interesting to note that in many cases, more than one claim can be lodged per Deepwater Horizon Settlement  due to the specifics of that legal claim.  get in contact with us to discuss your claim possibilities.

It is extremely important not to delay in seeking legal advice regarding a claim. If you, or someone you know, have been adversely affected in any way because of the BP deepwater horizon oil spill then complete an application form now to seek compensation. Legal claims are being processed right now. So contact the leading Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claim group BPclaims.org  as soon as possible to begin your legal claim. Any questions that you have will be able to be addressed so that you can apply for what you are legally entitled to

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