BP Claims Mississippi

Mississippi was certainly not exempt from the drastic effects of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Sitting between Louisiana and Alabama the Mississippi coastline also saw the influx of toxic crude oil in the months following the spill.

One positive was that the water that flowed down and out of the Mississippi River did minimize the oil that made it to the shoreline. But the surrounding environment still felt the full results of the toxic contamination, even with the assistance of the Mississippi River. Further problems occurred though due to the high concentration of fresh water that then caused immense losses of oysters due to their inability to tolerate the lack of salt water. Those who operated the oyster leases were devastated by the loss of the oyster harvests.

As in the other Gulf Coast States, the area around Mississippi also saw the oil contaminate the surrounding environment and impact on the health of many living creatures. Birds had their wings smothered in toxic oil and many perished before rescuers could clean them off. Dolphins, turtles and other marine life died or suffered as a direct result of the spill.

Concern was raised when local blue crabs were found with oil drops underneath their shells. The fact that these crabs form part of the food chain for birds and fish in the region means that the toxic substance is now affecting a wide variety of other birds and marine life.

One industry that suffered great losses in the weeks and months after the oil disaster was the fishing and seafood industry. In fact, around 95% of the waters around Mississippi were totally closed to fishing in the weeks subsequent to the catastrophe. Dramatic reductions in the shrimp population around Mississippi also occurred as a result of the spill.

Overall, problems with the fish, shrimp, crabs and oysters impacted many businesses and individuals working in the seafood industry. Even today, some two years after the 2010 disaster, the devastating results are still making themselves known. Fish, crabs and shrimp have all been observed off the Mississippi coastline with a variety of deformities. These abnormalities include no eyes, missing eye sockets, growths and missing claws on the crabs.

For two years now many have been struggling as a direct result of this Gulf Coast oil spill. Businesses struggled and failed. Individuals lost their jobs and livelihood. Families struggled to keep going. The whole coastal region suffered.

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