Deepwater Horizon Settlement News

Deepwater Horizon Settlement

BP is deliberately stalling the Deepwater Horizon settlement so as to evade paying up to the individuals whose lives they ruined; this is inexcusable and it is certainly not going to dampen the claimants spirits, that much they should know. In fact, recapping from the recent developments, the oil giant is suffering bewildering blows with each passing day. How they manage to relentlessly champion their scrupulous agenda is a wonder. They have made numerous attempts to seek a court order barring any further settlement payments and fortunately all requests up until now have been denied. The turmoil they created has grown into a tornado in their own backyard; a portion of their funds are being redistributed among residents in the Gulf Coast, and they are doing everything they can to keep as much money as possible in their pockets. To date, BP Oil has been compelled to part with monies topping up to 25 billion dollars. Putting that into prospective the company made roughly 22.2 billion dollars in gross income in 2012. They are a big company that made a big mistake. Taking a look at their numbers, they certainly have the funds to atone for the damage they caused yet they continue to try and dissolve the very settlement they put in place. If they do put the BP settlement to an end, it will not go down without a fight. The true aftermath of this disaster is yet to be seen, and will be for years to come.

Barbier and Juneau Fight to Uphold the Deepwater Horizon Settlement

On August 14th 2013, U.S Magistrate Sally Shushan ruled in favor of claimants. BP had filed to challenge the figures presented to them by the Claims Administrator describing them as lacking in substance. They had obviously pictured themselves sweeping the judge off her feet by employing their distasteful charms; however, the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is to advance as usual. By now they should have already paid the 130 million dollars owed to the settlement administrator. Justice is a path they will have to tread and be vigilant not to overstep the bounds; our current societal setting leaves no room for barbaric acts and insipidity.

The sentiments by this celebrated heroine have been echoed by Judge Barbier of the Fifth District Court albeit in a different terminology; he is consistently refusing to halt all settlements and rightly so. BP�s issues with the Claims Administrator, Juneau, and Judge Barbier are that they are misinterpreting the whole settlement. They claim this misinterpretation is forcing them to lose billions of dollars to businesses due to their tailored estimates�. This kitchen is getting too hot for BP and the faster they get out of it, the better for them. The Deepwater Horizon Settlement scheme is siphoning millions out of them every week and there is no telling how long their wars will last before they realize that they lost the their stake the moment their vessel let out its contents into the sea. Judge Barbier is convinced that the residents and business entrepreneurs of the Gulf Coast have to continue receiving their settlements; continuing operations within the Deepwater Horizon settlement is the way that BP can make up for the damage they caused.

The Time to File a Claim is Now!

In the spirit of giving unto Caesar what is Caesar�s, the legal system in this great country has proved itself beyond any questionable doubts. The Deepwater Horizon settlement will proceed as earlier detailed and the affected individuals will have their fair chance at a claim under the guidelines of the settlement. With only limited time remaining to file all claims, get a free assessment today to find out if you are indeed eligible to receive compensation.

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