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Deepwater Horizon SettlementMany people may recall the British Petroleum oil spill incident that caused a massive leak in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Thousands of people across several states were affected by this disaster, and it received international news coverage for a while. But some might not know about the results of the ensuing Deepwater Horizon settlement that had been going through the justice system. There are many people out there who may actually stand to be compensated due to damages caused by this spill. Because of this, many will want to read through and find some essential information about the recent developments surrounding this case.

Major investigation behind the Deepwater Horizon settlement:

Because this disaster caused so much widespread damage and affected many U.S. citizens, there was an effort by the Federal Government to determine who was at fault. An investigation was headed up by Louis Freeh, who had previously acted as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The team that Louis Freeh lead during this investigation found a lot of evidence linking the disaster to the BP company. This information has been critical in the ongoing legal battle between the company and some of the residents of the Gulf Coast region. There have also been many new details that have come to light about alleged misconduct by many employees of the large sized oil company. This could have further implications for the claims awarded by the Deepwater Horizon settlement.

Details of the Deepwater Horizon settlement and investigation:

As part of the court proceedings for the case, Louis Freeh was named a special master of evidence by Judge Barbier. This has allowed him to gather up a considerable amount of evidence that has linked the BP oil company to this disaster. As expected, the company was found to be at fault for the destructive damage wrought by the general oil spill. Now the court system will be trying to decide how they should be awarding money to local citizens who may have been affected. Louis Freeh is expected to stay on the case to continue to search for evidence of employee misconduct that was directly related to this disaster.

Judge orders continuation of the Deepwater Horizon settlement:

The compensatory damages resulting from the disaster are still being tabulated by officials all over the region. The BP company has repeatedly requested that payments be ceased until they can further assess some of the details surrounding the case. However, Judge Barbier has refused to allow this to happen. He has intervened and ordered that the BP oil company must continue to pay out awarded damages as they are sought out by residents. This means that many people may still be eligible to receive money for damages inflicted by the recent oil spill, as determined by the Deepwater Horizon settlement.

Determining eligibility in the Deepwater Horizon settlement:

Finally, it was determined that this disaster primarily affected the Gulf Coast communities in the states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. There are many businesses in the area that depend on the coastal region for a variety of different functions. There are fishing companies, tourist agencies and hoteliers that were all affected by the resulting oil spill. Many of these businesses may still be eligible to receive claims from the Deepwater Horizon settlement. The details of some claims are also still being worked out in court.

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